Batch Mix Plant

Any road building company needs an asphalt mixing plant. The functions of an asphalt batch mix plant are numerous. In comparison to drum kinds, this makes them a little more sophisticated. This article will attempt to simplify the functioning of an asphalt batch mix plant. Any asphalt batching plant’s operation is based on four key functions:
  • Aggregates are dried and heated.
  • The aggregates, bitumen, and binder ingredients are all weighed.
  • Combine the bitumen, binder, and aggregates in a mixing bowl.
  • The hot mix asphalt is being discharged.
The dryer drum in an asphalt plant is normally designed to perform efficiently (without a drop in production) with aggregates that have a moisture content of up to 5%. For aggregates with a higher moisture content, this does not imply that the drier design is a failure. However, the dryer drum’s computation is based on a moisture content of 5%. If the aggregate moisture level is high, the drier can handle fewer aggregates. As a result of this, the capacity of the dryer drum will be reduced, lowering the asphalt mixer’s output. The fuel consumption of the dryer drum is one of the most important considerations for every asphalt plant customer.
batch mix plant
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