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What is a asphalt drum mix plant? This is a pretty common question that many people ask. The answer is straightforward: a drum mix plant is a type of asphalt plant in which all of the critical activities, such as drying and mixing, are carried out within a single component – the drum. To develop high-quality Asphalt Drum Mix Plants, we upgrade our technology and products on a regular basis. From Ahmedabad, India, we are a leading Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter. We are committed to providing customers with the most up-to-date technical solutions, including next-generation process control, exceptional maintenance access, and automation, as well as complete installation and site support. These plant types are used to make high-quality hot mix for the building of flexible pavements. Under the watchful supervision of our quality control inspectors, all of our provided asphalt drum mix facilities pass quality control tests on numerous production processes.

Advantages of a Portable Asphalt Plant Over a Static Asphalt Plant

Portable asphalt plants have a number of advantages over fixed asphalt plants. Here are a few forms :

  • Foundation-free or with very minimal foundation — This allows the machine to be set up quickly.
  • Simple and rapid installation and commissioning – This ensures that the plant is quickly set up and operational.
  • The typical model has 3 to 4 chassis – the same number as a stationary plant, resulting in no increase in transportation costs.
  • The plants are based on a robust and rugged structure — heavy modules enable for long-distance transportation and cost savings.
  • All models come with storage silos – this feature allows the customer to choose any layout and have that extra freedom.
  • Customizable bitumen storage tanks – Bitumen storage tanks can be entirely customised and come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of clients – and they’re all movable.
  • The venture type dust collector and the drying/mixing drum are both bolted together for a quick and easy installation – This reduces transportation costs when the equipment is inside the container or moved by a prime mover.

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